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December 17, 2008

We are having some access issues with our domain that we expect to solve soon. Meanwhile our digital card holder application is available in


Badges to place on your website or blog

July 16, 2008

New badges to put on your website or blog are already available.

These badges are small images of your own business card that you can show at your web page, enabling visitors to add your card to thier own business card holder.

We have designed a few badge models so you can choose the best that suits your site, and we provide the code so you just have to Copy&Paste it into your website.

You can access all these badges from your own business card by clicking on “At your web”

Welcome, Mr. Bob

April 24, 2008


  • We are taking good note of all suggestions from private beta users. Our aim is to get you informed of all possibilities added to our your application. So, today we inaugurate this news-bulletin system for you to know about great new features available in Nuebbo. 
  • Optical Character Recognition process

    April 17, 2008

    One of the issues that private beta users have raised when using is the difficulty of incorporating their cards and their contacts details to their digital cards holders. Not everyone has a scanner, or the time required to enter data manually. One of the tricks we have used is to create a new card with the name and contact email and request our contact to update his or her card, so all details would be filled in. You can also import data from Gmail address book. Soon we will import/export from other applications such as Outlook, other mail services or from vcard files. We will also offer the possibility of acquiring a card scanner. But perhaps the most appealling feature to us now is the possibility of uploading a card and all its data from a photograph to your Nuebbo card holder.

    This is one of the most powerful tools in which we are working. Our target is to upload a card and its contained data to your nuebbo card holder from a photograph taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone. When this photograph is sent to, our powerful server performs the task of trimming the image and perform the OCR process on the data contained on the card. The procedure is simple:

    1. Take a photograph of the card with a high-contrast background, e.g. if the card is printed on white paper, choose a dark background to highlight the edge and facilitate their detection.
    2. Photograph must be clear and well contrasted to the character recognition software to read it. A resolution of less than 1Mb (typically 640×480) is usually enough resolution for digital cameras. Photographs taken with cell phones need just over 1Mb resolution. Card image should fill more than 70% of the photograph.
    3. The photograph or photo set should be sent from the same email address used to log in or from a mobile phone number listed in your default card. Only emails addressed to will be processed. .
    4. A photograph can be named or identified as follows to allow its automatic allocation to a particular category: (category_photoxxF.jpg), where category is the name of a category in your card holder, photoxx is a reference to this card and F or B responds to Front or Back side of the card. All cards meeting these requirements will be incorporated to your card holder Inbox. Once viewed, they will be organized into the category defined. If you do not meet this specification, ie if the name of the photo does not offer information about the category or side of the card, scanned image and details will be stored in your card holder and will be accessible from the menu “New card”, in the “Select from scanned images” option.
    5. Email messages should not exceed from 5Mb and it may include a maximum of 10 photographs.
    6. During test period, this service will not be immediate and may require several minutes to the card appearing in the Inbox or in “Select from scanned images” menu.
    7. The current performance of the service OCR is estimated at 1000 cards daily, all cards received will be processed according to First-In, First-Out rules.
    8. At we reserve the right to limit the use of this service if there is a saturation demands. Please, keep in mind that the OCR process makes heavy use of server resources, especially when processing complex cards or in languages such as Chinese or Japanese.

    Do you use Gmail? Import your contacts

    April 9, 2008

    Are you tired of typing once and again your contact details (email, name, telephone…)? At Nuebbo, yes, we are and that’s why we have developed a means for importing your Gmail contacts.

    How can you import your Gmail contacts?

    Once inside your Nuebbo card holder, click on your name (top right of the screen). Just under the picture of your default card you can find “Import your contacts”. Enter your Gmail user and password and click on “Add account”. In a few seconds, a new category will be added to your Nuebbo card holder with the same name as that of your Gmail user. Easy, isn’t it?

    Now you can send your card to all your Gmail contacts, by selecting the newly created category in the “Send your card” window.

    What is QR Code?

    April 9, 2008

    What is it?

    The QR code stands for Quick Response code and it is a two-dimensional matrix code which features an easy and fast reading of large amounts of data that it may contain.

    Although Denso-Wave created QR code for the automotive industry, quickly became popular thanks to massive usage of mobile phones. Today, only in Japan, more than 30 million cell users have QR code readers installed in their mobile phones.

    What is the use of it?


    It digitizes information comfortably and quickly. Google has launched ads in newspapers with QR codes. McDonalds offers nutritional information of their products by printing QR codes in their packaging. Nike or Coca-Cola online campaigns are based on QR codes.

    Why do we use QR codes at Nuebbo?

    QR codes can save you the tedious process of manually entering the data from your contacts on your mobile. For each contact you make Nuebbo will automatically generate its corresponding QR code. Once you have installed your free QR code reader in your mobile phone, simply make a picture from the QR code appearing on the screen, and your contact details will be uploaded to your phone contact list.

    Some uses on QR-code at Flickr:

    Not invited yet?

    April 9, 2008

    I have no e-invitation, what I do? Or how to get e-invitated to Nuebbo?

    As these seem to be the most recurrent issues with our visitors, members and bloggers, we will try to solve them below:

    If you are not registered yet, you can sign up to be e-invited at We are receiving many requests, but will try to answer you as soon as possible. At your convenience, leave your e-mail in a comment to this entry or write to

    If you are a Nuebbo user already, your own card is an e-invitation, and all those who receive and accept your card may become Nuebbo users by accessing via a link provided in the email sent with your card.

    Do NOT scan, do NOT import, do REQUEST

    April 9, 2008

    Surely more than once you have sought to bring order to the chaos of business cards and address books around you. In the end, what should be a simple process becomes a nuisance that can take hours or days.

    With Nuebbo can forget tedious processes. Create your own card, and request your contacts to do the same. In that way your card holder will be completed with the most current data from your contacts, almost automatically. Do not waste your time with import cumbersome processes or scanning and correcting data interpreted by an OCR.